April 15, 2024

Terraform VMware Cloud Director Supplier v3.12.0 is accessible, introducing many new options and enhancements.

Introducing the Container Service Extension (CSE) Kubernetes Cluster useful resource and information supply

In the course of the previous releases of the supplier, we gathered an excellent quantity of suggestions from the group, and we understood that utilizing Runtime Defined Entities to create, replace and handle a Kubernetes cluster was typically difficult and never trivial, because it required a deep understanding of the CSE internal workings.

This launch entails a giant step ahead for CSE customers, by offering a new resource and data source vcd_cse_kubernetes_cluster, to summary the Kubernetes cluster authors from coping with the complexity of the generic strategies offered within the now deprecated Kubernetes Cluster management guide.

The brand new vcd_cse_kubernetes_cluster useful resource appears to be like like this:

Readers will observe that the out there arguments of this useful resource are pretty just like the choices out there in UI when making a Kubernetes cluster with the wizard. All of the RDE schemas, RDE Varieties, and YAML recordsdata are usually not used explicitly anymore.

Likewise, customers will expertise a extra snug mechanism to replace their clusters, as they received´t want to govern JSON recordsdata both. The useful resource helps all of the updateable parts which might be additionally achievable utilizing the UI: Resize the management airplane, the employee swimming pools, allow/disable the node well being test, and switch off the “auto-repair” flag (4.1.0 solely).

This new useful resource is accessible for CSE variations 4.2.1, 4.2.0, 4.1.1(a) and 4.1.0. It additionally helps importing present clusters, for those that have been utilizing the generic strategy emigrate their present ones, and customers also can learn present clusters with the info supply.

Including assist for Container Service Extension (CSE) 4.2.0 and 4.2.1

This model of the supplier updates the installation guide to assist the latest variations of CSE, 4.2.0 and 4.2.1.

As talked about within the earlier part, the Kubernetes Cluster management guide is now deprecated in favor of the brand new vcd_cse_kubernetes_cluster useful resource and information supply.

The supplier repository incorporates now all of the RDE Sort schemas required for CSE 4.2.x and a few instance configurations for each 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 (as they differ in configuration values reminiscent of CAPVCD model, CPI model and CSI model).

Different notable adjustments and enhancements

Consolidating VM disks on creation to assist overriding template disks

A frequent person requested lacking performance was overriding disk sizes in quick provisioned VDCs. Terraform supplier v3.12.0 provides new discipline consolidate_disks_on_create in each sources vcd_vapp_vm and vcd_vm. When enabled, it would consolidate disks throughout VM creation. It might be helpful by itself, nevertheless it additionally permits overriding template disks when creating VMs in quick provisioned VDCs.

VM Copy assist

Each VM sources vcd_vapp_vm and vcd_vm get new discipline copy_from_vm_id that can be utilized to create a VM from already present one as an alternative of counting on catalog template or an empty VM.

Creating vApp templates from vApps or standalone VMs

The final bit that ranges up VM management is that useful resource vcd_catalog_vapp_template introduces an choice to seize vApp templates from present vApps or standalone VMs. One can use a brand new capture_vapp block that accepts supply vApp ID. Moreover, the vcd_vapp_vm and vcd_vm sources and information sources expose vapp_id attributes that may be specified as a supply in capture_vapp.source_id. That is particularly helpful for standalone VMs which have hidden vApps.

Route commercial configuration for routed Org VDC networks

Route commercial toggle discipline route_advertisement_enabled in useful resource vcd_network_routed_v2 that permits customers to allow route commercial per routed community, which works along with IP House route advertisement

Checklist of recent sources and information sources

  • 1 new useful resource:
  • 2 new information sources:

There are extra options and enhancements, which you’ll be able to see within the project’s changelog. And, as all the time, we’re awaiting your suggestions and solutions in GitHub Issues and #vcd-terraform-dev Slack channel (vmwarecode.slack.com).